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We're all going along with life at the moment, in the general round of work/school/come home/go to sleep/get up and do it all again. I felt a little badly this morning when K was so surprised that neither [livejournal.com profile] longstrider nor I was going to work today. It will be nice this summer to have both of us home all weekend to provide a little more continuity and relaxation in our schedule([livejournal.com profile] longstrider's library doesn't have Saturday hours in the summer and I'll be on maternity leave), although I suspect the tiny detail of having a newborn will cramp our style more than weekend work hours ever could.

We had a pleasant day today. [livejournal.com profile] longstrider's uncle is in town for a conference, so he came to spend the afternoon with us today. We all went to a local park and fed bread to the geese and their adorable goslings, then watched K happily run around in the sunshine. Then we came home and I set K up with warm water and lots of bubbles in the sink so she could wash her rubber duckies (mind you, the reason the duckies were being washed was that they had mold in them after spending a winter in the garage with the insufficiently washed-out wading pool, and when I told her she couldn't play with them yet because they needed to be washed, I meant with bleach. Ah well, as long as she wasn't sucking water out of them, they weren't that hazardous). I left K happily quacking at her flock of biohazard ducks while I had a nice long conversation with my mother. Quiet and pleasant all around.

We are all healthy for the moment, although I am studiously ignoring a suspiciously sore throat and drippy nose in the hopes that the Christian Scientist approach of keeping my thoughts on higher plains will do more for preventing disease than anything else we've tried (mostly cursing and complaining a lot, which I guess is the approach of keeping our thoughts on lower planes).

I am still thoroughly bitten by a swarm of sewing bugs. Hopefully this week I can get some pictures up to show the mildly insane scope of it all.
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I've made four - no, five t-shirt dresses for K now. We now have dinosaurs, froggies, dragonflies, whales and a lovely little flowered number with yellow eyelet fabric. They're such a satisfying little project. Half an hour of work for a great looking little outfit, if I do say so myself. It helps that K is an extremely gratifying person to sew for. I don't think I've made anything for her yet that she hasn't loved and immediately tried to put on. K and I went to the fabric store yesterday to get yet more fabric and she could barely contain her glee as the fabric she helped choose was cut and slid across the counter towards her.

I'm feeling particularly happy about the latest dress, ladybugs:

It started life as a lace-trimmed henley from The Children's Place, with ladybug fabric from Joann's. The pieces de resistance were the cute little ladybug buttons I found to replace the originals. I think this one is definitely my favorite so far.

Next up: doggie dress! Another dino dress! Butterfly dress! And work out a pattern for shorts so K can wear all of these dresses without flashing everyone and their brother on the playground.
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* We have achieved pee in the toilet! On K's part that is. [livejournal.com profile] longstrider and I both have quite good aim in that regard, thank you. And she sat on the toilet completely of her own volition, and would have completely forgotten about the chocolate if I hadn't decided that success deserved a reward and gave it to her. I think I'll try putting her in a dress tomorrow or Thursday and try going bottomless for the afternoon.

More tedious updates on my child's bladder as events warrant.

* My mother put a downpayment on a condo last week. Eesh - we went from "thinking about it but it's probably a ways off" to "downpayment" awfully quickly. But she can afford the condo and the house at the same time and I'm sure it will be easier to get work done on the house if she's not living in it.

The condo isn't finished yet, which is a big advantage because she'll be able to get it customized for her needs. All of the units are accessible, but she'll be able to get things like an accessible shower and a bathroom sink and counters that she can get her chair under. She's thinking about a move date some time in June. My brother and I are starting to make plans to go up after Acen in May to help get the rest of our stuff out and take other things she might be giving away.

There are a hundred logical reasons why this is a good idea, which I keep telling myself. Because I can't deny that losing my chldhood home less than a year after losing my father doesn't sting a bit. Like I said before, I'm a grownup, so I'll support her in this. But it's still a bit emotional.

* The dressmaking has been going gangbusters. Each one takes about 20 minutes, making it just possibly the most addictive sewing project ever. I've branched out a bit - instead of using t-shirts for the entire dress, I'm using a toddler t-shirt for the top and went to the fabric store for some cute cotton prints for the skirt. Cute cotton prints are cheap to begin with and you only need half a yard for a skirt for a toddler. So now K has a fishy dress, a dragonfly dress and a dinosaur dress. I'm particularly pleased with how the dinosaur dress turned out. I found a nice shirt with embroidered dinosaurs at Target and then lucked into a dinosaur print for the skirt that matched the dinosaurs on the skirt remarkably well. Approximately twenty minutes and four seams later:
Dino dress! )
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The museum is closed this weekend, so I don't have to work at all. [livejournal.com profile] longstrider has tomorrow and Friday off, is working Saturday (boooo) and has Sunday off. So we have essentially a four day weekend starting tomorrow, although admittedly one where we can't go anywhere.

Do you know how long it's been since we had such a long run of days off at the same time? I feel like I'm starting a grand tropical vacation, if only I could convince Sonya to dress up and be our cabana boy. What we'll probably actually do is go somewhere Improving like a museum or the zoo sometime this weekend, go to church Sunday and spend much of the rest of the time generally bumming around. I can't wait.


It appears the secret to getting K back on the toilet is straight up bribery.* First, I introduced the idea of a long-term bribe (a Fisher Price Little People barn, which she was so engrossed with at daycare last week that I had to literally drag her away), to be given when she is completely out of diapers during the day (nighttime dryness can take a long time, and she has a genetic heritage of longer-term bedwetting, so I'm not going to make her reward hinge on something that could take years).

She was very enthusiastic about the idea of the barn and went charging upstairs, only to do an abrupt u-turn when we reached the bathroom door. So I decided that since two-year-olds are creatures who live in the moment, she needed a short-term bribe. In this case, chocolate. I brought out the bag of M&Ms and she practically sprinted for the bathroom. After the first time, where I was downright profligate with the chocolate, I've established more firm rules where she has to sit on the toilet for two minutes before she gets her treat. I'm going to gradually both increase the time and then move towards only rewarding actual production, but the key right now is just getting her in the bathroom again. It's definitely working - tonight, she sat on the toilet for at least another five minutes after I said she could get off because she was engrossed with playing with the timer I had brought in to count down the two minutes.

I know better than to count my chickens too early when it comes to a toddler, but the progress so far is encouraging. I may try putting her in a dress for some diaper-free time this weekend.


In addition to the visit to someplace Improving and loafing, I'm hoping to get some projects done this weekend. Tomorrow, I'd like to make to a fabric store sans toddler, so I can get some fabric to get moving on the dinosaur dress.

And tonight, I made a very successful prototype of a four piece puzzle for K (pictures later). She was able to do the two-piece puzzles with absolutely no hesitation, so rather than searching high and low for something more complicated but not too complicated and then spending too much money, I made one tonight with Microsoft clipart and scrap cardboard for pennies. I'm looking forward to experimenting withy making more.

And if I'm feeling crazy, I might deal with the empty boxes drifting like tumbleweeds throughout the house.


Mar. 9th, 2008 11:10 pm
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* I made K a dress out of two t-shirts last night, which was just about the simplest thing ever. I took a cute t-shirt on clearance from Target and cut it off so it stopped at her waist. Then I took an adult t-shirt and cut off the bottom 12 inches, gathered it, and sewed it to the toddler shirt. And voici! A cute dress. I would share a picture, but K insisted on wearing it to bed over her pyjamas.

The problem with this method, of course, it that it leaves you with half an adult t-shirt. But then it occurred to me that it's just about the perfect amount of fabric for a pair of matching shorts, so she can go have fun on the playground without flashing everyone.

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this. As I mentioned before, I'm planning on putting K in dresses this spring and summer to try and get serious about potty training. But the problem with dresses is that they're so... girly. You can find cute shirts for girls that aren't quite so aggressively in lock-step with fashion gender norms, but once you choose a gender specific item like a dress, you've committed yourself to a sickeningly array of pink flowers, with a chaser of pastel butterflies. Which I don't necessarily mind, but not for her entire wardrobe. My daughter loves dinosaurs, fish and dogs, and I'd like to give her some of that. And the joy of t-shirts is the wonderful blank palette of expression for the creative. So dinosaur dress, here we come.

* I finished my last knitting project last night, so now I'm working on a Hemlock Ring blanket. My last several projects have been for K, and while I do adore how quickly toddler clothes knit up, I'm itching for something complicated and lacy that makes your eyes cross. I found a lovely yarn with a subtle stripe to it, which should look great going around the circle.

* Next up, I'm hoping for good weather this week so I can tackle painting K's Ikea table and chairs. If we had been intelligent and prepared, we would have finished them right away, but as we're clearly stupid and improvident, she's been liberally decorating the wood with crayon and markers, until the only solution is to just cover it all up with a thick coat of paint. In general, I applaud self-expression, but not on the furniture.


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