Mar. 4th, 2006

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I feel very boring lately. It's not that I haven't been doing things, or that I don't have any entries running around in my head. The problem is that when I set my fingers to the keyboard, all the information flows in the opposite direction out of the back of my head and I'm left with nothing, fingers poised but unable to perform, typus interruptus.

So here's all the little things that come to mind at the moment, in convenient bullet form so I don't have to feel the need to make them eloquent or interesting.

  • We just finished a week as a Nielsen family. All that heady, heady power, gone now. It was just the week-long paper survey, but it was still pretty fun to be able to do something to help our favorite shows.

  • Yesterday with K can be summed up in the following words: "Well, if being tired makes you that unhappy, why don't you just go to sleep?" Babies are unfathomable.

  • We completed health assessments for Purdue yesterday in exchange for $100 apiece. Not bad for just going to get our blood pressure, height, weight and cholesterol measured and then filling out a survey online. The astonishing part for me is that my cholesterol (non-fasting) was 191. Well! Color me gobsmacked. And the ratio of good to bad cholesterol was excellent. That's actually within the realm of normal. I'm not sure how I accomplished this since I haven't really done anything different from my last cholesterol check, but I'm not arguing.

  • I found some fingerless knit gloves for sale online for only $2.19 a pair. Normally, when I make fingerless gloves for Ebay, I buy regular stretch knit gloves, cut off the tips and sew around the cut ends, which often takes the better part of an hour. Tres tedious. So while these gloves are more expensive than normal knit gloves, the time savings makes them more than worth it. They arrived yesterday, and it was all I could do not to throw them on the bed and roll around in them.

  • Speaking of fingerless knit gloves, I was looking for them using Froogle. While I knew that Froogle indexes Ebay, it was still an interesting moment when I found my own product on Froogle. Neat, but weird. And fundamentally unhelpful, since I was looking for supplies to make said product. I suppose I could order gloves from myself, but then I would have to take the time to make them, and then ship them to myself. And I think my profit margin would suffer.

  • I enjoy quiche-type dishes, but I always get hung up on making the pie crust, which seems like too much work (yes, I know you can buy them. My Inner Puritan won't let me, although my Inner Puritan will let me be too lazy to make one). I've tried just pouring the mixture over rice, but it turns out awfully dry. But the parenting magazine that arrives on my doorstep unbidden, which is normally as useful as the ads for cord-blood storage I got three months after K was born, actually had a good suggestion: cubed whole wheat bread. Healthy and quick, my favorite combination.

  • I have decided that my belief that there was once a time in K's life when she didn't have a runny nose is in fact a sad delusion. Because she always has had and always will have a runny nose, world without end. She spends all of her time shaking her head vigorously and crying while we spend our time attempting to tame the snot, snot that dots my shirts like a particularly disgusting Jackson Pollock, snot of such cementlike stickiness that the cats are permanently bonded together and have become the grumpy Triffeline of myth, legendary in its disgruntlement, rivers of snot that threaten to carry the house away into the Wabash River, down to where it meets the Mississippi and then out to sea, snot of such offensiveness that it lowers property values in a six-state radius. I'm considering buying her a cork.

    And after that, I'm sure everyone has stopped reading and we are about to go meet friends. So I shall end this here.
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