Apr. 3rd, 2006

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Ohio is unaccountably wide.

As a child riding in the car on trips to Colorado, I used to feel that Nebraska was the longest state in the country. We had to traverse it diagonally, it was the last state before Colorado, there was nothing to see but wheat, and it was endless. I now think that Ohio has Nebraska and its purple waves of grain beat hands down for length.

Now I know the cartographers would dispute this, and strictly in terms of miles, they are entirely correct. But I'm talking about psychic geography here, how long a states feels when you're driving through it. And in those terms, Ohio is astonishing in its infinitudinousness (yes, I know that's not a word. Ohio is so wide it needs an entirely new vocabulary to describe it).

Pennsylvania is pretty damn long too. And despite the mountains, bears a remarkable resemblance to driving through Indiana, with all of the farmhouses and fields. The landscape is just a lot wavier.

Anyway, we're here in Pennsylvania, safe and sound. [livejournal.com profile] longstrider is hopefully wowing them as we speak. On cursory inspection (I plan to drive into Harrisburg for some exploration once naptime is over), this seems like a place I could live pretty happily. The campus is beautiful, there's an art theatre in town, decent shopping options, an Open and Affirming UCC church the next town over, and a large Quaker meeting with an evening meeting during the week so we could have the happy compromise of fulfilling both of our preferences in terms of religious style.

K has a cold and has been sleeping very badly. I passed two dubious parenting milestones last night and today: first use of decongestant that causes drowsiness to try and ensure decent sleep, and first use of children's television to try and get some peace. I'm not terribly proud of either of these, but you do what you have to do. After all, she needed a decongestant, so it's not like I was giving her Benadryl just to make her sleep (she will sleep with Nyquil, but when it wears off, her eyes pop OPEN!, even if it's 3am, and it takes forever to settle her back down). This morning, I desperately needed to pump since K hasn't had much of an appetite, and she felt that whining would be a more appropriate activity. So I took advantage of the fact that she's found tv absolutely enthralling lately and turned on Sesame Street. I was actually kind of happy I did, because as it turns out, Sesame Street is just as good as it always was. So when she starts watching it more regularly, I'll be willing to watch it with her without my head exploding.

I think someone is really awake now, so I shall sign off here.


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