May. 3rd, 2006


May. 3rd, 2006 11:10 pm
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I have a cold, courtesy of our young plague-bearer who gets me sick and then leeches antibodies off of me so she inevitably gets off much more lightly than I do. Of course, I'm sure the fact that she gets adequate sleep and has a diet which is half Perfect Nutrition Solution helps as well. So I'm coughing, snuffly and miserable, while she's bright and chipper and merely has a snotty nose. Of course, I don't actually want her to be miserably sick, since K is a generous soul who shares her misery with everyone around her. And of course, I would never wish my darling child ill (literally). It just feels unfair to always get the worst of her germs.

To add to the general joy of the situation (and probably why I'm suffering more than anyone else in the house), all of our local trees are copulating like mad, exciting my allergies. I'm beginning to have a great deal of sympathy for van Gogh's solution irritating health problems - it's very tempting to simply cut off my madly itching nose. I suspect it would ruin my profile though. Stupid trees having sex all over the place. Don't they realize this is a conservative state? We don't stand for that sort of wanton behavior here.

Life continues as usual. Still shackled to my sewing machine. The cats are constantly competing for my lap and shedding hideous amounts of fur in Everest-like drifts all over the house. You can be sitting innocently on the couch, and a cat will walk by and suddenly you find yourself fur-covered, resembling a slightly stunned werewolf after the full moon has suddenly peeked out from behind the clouds.


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