May. 28th, 2006

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I've been feeling a bit nostalgic over the past eight months for my pregnancy and periodically think "This time last year I got pregnant/had my first ultrasound/felt the first kicks/etc" and I expect it will continue until I reach "I gave birth." I don't want to be pregnant right now, but it's pleasant to remember that excitement and anticipation of being pregnant for the first time (conveniently forgetting the anxiety) and having everything go well. There was a part of me that never expected to be able to get pregnant, and once it happened, I spent a lot of time braced for the worst, for all of the pregnancy complications that come with PCOS. But they never materialized, and I never had any real problems until the very end. So I can look back on that time more fondly than I remember being in it (to steal a phrase from Arlo Guthrie).

This time last year, I was almost nine months pregnant. I was having weekly doctor visits, where multiple medical professionals kept assuring me the baby was head down, despite the fact that she most assuredly was not. I had a head (what I thought was a butt) permanently lodged in my solar plexus, making it very hard to breathe. I remember I had attempted to lean over to pull a weed from the garden and had to straighten up very carefully because the lack of oxygen made my vision go black with a nice field of stars. I was finally showing enough that strangers recognized that I was pregnant, something that didn't really start until I was 35 weeks. I was exhausted, and was mostly spending my days sacked out on the couch, since lying prone was the only way I could breathe well. And the gang from Champaign came over to visit on Memorial Day weekend, for a last visit before the baby came. I remember it was fun, although by the end of the day, I was feeling slightly unhinged because I hadn't been able to have a nap.

This year, we went to Champaign to help [ profile] chibirisu move into her new house. It's a lovely little house, and I think she will really like it once she gets past the typical first-time homeowner feeling of having just been hit over the head with a sledgehammer of huge debt. And once she's recovered from spraining her ankle and possibly breaking a bone in her foot, poor thing. I don't envy her having a house full of boxes to unpack while on crutches. I wish I could have helped more, but my main contribution was to bring my strapping husband to haul things while I prevented our newly mobile child from killing herself. It was nice to see everyone, and to be introduced to a hilarious new anime called Ouran High School Host Club.

And now we are home, in various states of tiredness. Tomorrow, I hope to go get something purty to plant in the front yard that will hopefully convince people that Yes! This is, in fact the house they have been dying to own, and would like to add $5000 to our asking price, and it was only the lack of pansies in our front yard that kept them from realizing this! Or maybe some daisies!


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