Jul. 13th, 2006

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Dear Person who stole my credit card number,

I suppose I don't blame you for stealing my credit card and using it to buy four very nice cell phones. After all, my credit card company keeps raising my limit to truly absurd levels in an (futile)ongoing attempt to lure me into carrying a balance, so you could have bought quite a lot with that puppy. I suppose I should thank you for your relative restraint (although four cell phones? Doesn't that seem like a bit much? You only have two ears, you know. Unless you're a mutant, poor thing. No wonder you turned to a life of crime).

However, and perhaps this is nitpicky, classically when you steal a credit card and buy things with it, it's so you can keep the things you buy. This is rather hard when you buy something over the internet and forget to have them ship it to you rather than to the address of the person from whom you stole the credit card. Due to that little oversight, those cell phones that showed up at our house this week aren't doing you much good, now are they? As it is, it's more like you've decided to be my involuntary felonious personal shopper, using my credit card to buy things and then sending them to me. I appreciate your generosity, but we have no need for four cell phones, so I'm afraid they will be sent back, and I would be grateful if you refrained from showering me with gifts for which I paid in the future.

Just a thought!



Of course, I would be more amused if the charge hadn't somehow shown up on the account of the credit card that's supposed to be cancelled. My admiration for Citibank's watchdog capabilities have gone down a notch or two.


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