Aug. 21st, 2006


Aug. 21st, 2006 11:55 pm
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So. We wound up taking a trip last week, without bothering to really tell anyone in advance that we were going. See, it's like this: We knew we were going to try to go up north last week because some of [ profile] longstrider's cousins were going to be visiting and we've managed to see them every year now for the last four. But we had been thinking going at the end of the week. maybe from Wednesday to Sunday. But then [ profile] longstrider e-mailed ISU, asking when they were planning to schedule on-campus interviews in case they wanted to interview him, and they said next week. So suddenly it made a lot more sense to go up at the beginning of the week in case we got a call that meant we had to suddenly go back south for an interview. In fact, I realized Thursday night, we could best optimize our time up north if we went Saturday to Wednesday, making sure to call home to check our messages in case anyone was hot to give one of us a job (Champaign Public hadn't called at that point). And we had absolutely nothing requiring us to stay here, so why not pick up and leave?

And so we did. And it was marvelous. As it turns out, no one is hot to give us a job, so we wound up staying for the entire week. It was just so nice, having two other adults there who were simply thrilled to pay attention to their grandchild and give us a break. I can count on one hand the number of breaks we've gotten from child care in the past year prior to last week, so it was a welcome chance to relax. We actually got to go out together after dark! Multiple times! Mostly it was to seek out free wi-fi, but I don't require that my dates be elaborate or expensive.

It was also nice to hibernate from our problems for a while, not worrying about jobs or (not) selling the house. I took my sewing machine with me and continued selling, but I started to run out of supplies by the end of the week, so I stopped listing for a couple days and let myself have Friday and Saturday off.

The family time was good too, both seeing [ profile] longstrider's parents and his extended family. His cousin's kids are 6 and 9, and it was great to see them interact with K. She was only five weeks the last time we saw them, and I'm sure they found her a lot more fun this time.

And now we're home. I got a letter from Champaign Public Library saying essentially "Thanks, but no thanks," ISU hasn't called, nobody's looked at the house in a week and I don't know what the hell to do. Well, start calling employment agencies and pray that somebody's willing to pay me at least $10 an hour for clerical work that ideally doesn't involve phones. So I'm awfully glad that I got to spend last week away from all of that instead of sitting home waiting for the phone not to ring and stewing about it.

So employment agencies. I possess a capacity for sitting in front of a computer or working alone in a file room for very long periods of time. Surely there are employers looking for that, even if they're not looking for a knowledge of AACR2, MARC format, LCSH, extensive database searching experience and a master's degree in Library and Information Science. [ profile] longstrider continues to send out resumes and waits on ISU. We haven't given up on them yet because they're being hellishly slow about all of this. They had told [ profile] longstrider that they were aiming to start someone at the beginning of August; at this rate, they'll be lucky to get anyone by Labor Day. Or possibly Memorial Day.


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