Sep. 17th, 2006

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Our poor puny baby has had a fever for most of the day. We've been giving her ibuprofen, which would bring it down, but it would start to wear off at about the four hour mark and her temperature would drift back up to 102 again. This would account for why she would spend large amounts of time happily playing, then decide that she couldn't be anyplace other than our arms because THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! The END OF THE WORLD!!!!! seems to coincide with the fever spiking again.

I'm feeling very itchy to go check on her temperature and try and give her more ibuprofen since she's overdue for her next dose, but after all of the trouble it took to get her to go to sleep, I'm not taking the risk of waking her up. Some babies go back to sleep easily if a parent tiptoes into their room in the night and quickly and quietly administers medicine. K's reaction is more as if a large marching band had suddenly gone trooping through her nursery, requiring her to go to DEFCON 10. Fire! Burglars! Pat Buchanan! Nuclear attack! I don't care to take another two hours to get her back to sleep again, so I'm just going to hope that the fever breaks in the night and assume she'll let us know if she starts feeling too lousy (and lest you think I'm a marvel of coolheaded, non-nervous mothering, I'll just while away my time over hear in the corner, chewing my fingernails to the quick).

I've been swallowing Battlestar Galactica in great gulps. At this point, I'm halfway through season two and not at all worried anymore about finishing before the new season starts. I'm still finding it depressing, but it's just so good I can't turn away. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself once the new season starts and I have to wait a whole week between episodes to find out what happens next.


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