Sep. 30th, 2006

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Last night, we watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, Persuasion and Animaniacs. Such are the vicissitudes of a Netflix queue. Well, at least we won't become stereotyped in our viewing choices.

It was a good night overall. The Day the Earth Stood Still wasn't the sort of thing I want to watch every night, but I can see why it was such a groundbreaking movie. And now I can understand more of the jokes in Mars Attacks.

Animaniacs was disc 3 of the recent release of season one (and for anyone reading this who regularly buys me birthday presents, it just occurred to me that the Animaniacs dvd set would be a great gift. Also Howl's Moving Castle), and it had some of my favorite bits - Les Miseranimals ("A skinny cat, oh help us God. We're living with a Sweeney Todd"), West Side Pigeons ("We want to sit on Scorsese's head"), the Jerry Lewis Parody ("You were doing funny-ha-ha. We're looking for funny-uh-oh.").

Persuasion was a recent version, quiet and contemplative even compared to other Jane Austen adaptations. But so's the book. It's part of my re-watching Jane Austen movie adaptations kick I go through periodically. We watched the most recent Mansfield Park last week, although I only enjoy it if I think of it as a long-lost Jane Austen novel that inexplicably has the same name as another of her novels. Because as much as I enjoy that movie, it's not Mansfield Park. But since I didn't care that much for the book, I don't mind if the movie doesn't resemble it much. I just try to ignore the existence of the book and enjoy the movie on its own merits. I keep thinking the director made the movie to be the book she wished Mansfield Park had been, where Fanny has a personality instead of being an annoying little prig.

In other news, I'm very very tired. Have I mentioned lately how busy I am? I've made 122 sales this month. To put this in perspective, in previous months, I've considered it a very good month if I made 50-60. I've already made twice as much money as what I previously would have considered a very lucrative month. I normally run about four auctions at a time and have seven different products available for sale in my store, usually giving an inventory of ten of each. I didn't put up any new auctions after the last ones ended yesterday, and people proceeded to descend on my store like a plague of locusts, the result being that there are now only two products listed, and I've sold three of those tonight. This is great, wonderful, stupendous, of course. We like money around here. But I'm so. Completely. Exhausted. My hand seized up today when I tried to crimp some rivets on a headband. I'm so busy I would be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, except I have no time to run, so I just sort of twitch spasmodically as I sit down for yet another hour at the sewing machine and try not to let it screw up the seams. So forgive me as I continue to neglect this journal. Plenty of non-costuming stuff is going on here, I just have no time to talk about it (although apparently I have time to blather on about watching movies. Such are my shallow, consumer-driven skewed priorities, I suppose).

So, some news in brief:

-The South Bend weekend was fun. And toddlerriffic. I was right that the toddlers weren't really old enough to play together, although they milled around exploring the various toys pretty amicably. I have to say without the slightest hint of parental bias that K was the cutest child there.

-K had her fifteen month checkup this week. All was well - the doctor was impressed with her language skills and unconcerned about her lack of walking (this surprises me a little since she seemed very concerned about the fact that she wasn't crawling by 9 months, and crawling isn't even officially a milestone). Then K got two shots and had blood drawn, so our poor baby spent the rest of the day covered with track marks.

-The new tv season is finally here. So new Veronica Mars in just three days - yay!

-Er, there were other things, I swear. I'm just too tired to remember.


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