Nov. 15th, 2006

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When I was thirteen, my parents took us to see a local production of Sweeney Todd, the Stephen Sondheim musical. A minister friend of my mother's had recommended it to her, saying it was "funny." Well, it was, in between being creepy, twisted, grisly and just plain terrifying, particularly if you're as sensitive a child as I was. I've always been oversensitive to scary things - the witch from the Wizard of Oz terrified me, a cheesy vampire movie I saw when I was five scarred me for years, and let's just say it's a really bad idea to take a ten-year-old who's just outgrowing her fear of the dark and is superstitious about midnight to see Gremlins. It's not so much watching it at the time that's bad, it's later on at night when all of those scary things lurk in the dark waiting for me that's the problem.

So there I was, 13 years old, sick from my annual Labor Day allergy attack (the official start of Ragweed Season) and a card carrying yellow-bellied fraidy-cat, watching a musical about a man whose response to being unjustly deported so a judge who has taken a shine to his wife can rape her and steal their daughter is to run a barber shop so he can cut people's throats and have his landlady turn them into meat pies. All set to disturbing atonal music and performed in a tiny theatre. Suffice to say, it got to me a bit. In fact, for years I would have nightmares where I was at a performance of Sweeney Todd that was about to start and I couldn't get away.

It's better now. I've actually watched Sweeney Todd in Concert on PBS a couple times, and didn't once have to curl up in a ball and plug my ears like in my nightmares. But I've discovered one curious way Sweeney Todd has affected the way I perceive certain things.

So when on Heroes last night (See? There is a point to all of that backstory! Your patience is rewarded)I don't think this is a spoiler. But just in case )


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