Nov. 23rd, 2006

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Dinner preparation went extremely well. The turkey was beautiful, the gravy came out very well (nothing like the disastrous concoction from the year too much canola oil got into the drippings) and the pies were tasty. K has turned out to have an overwhelming love of cranberry-orange relish. And my mother shocked us by requesting green bean casserole, the kind made with cream of mushroom soup and with french-fried onions on top. Not once in our entire lives has my mother made green bean casserole. We were raised eating vegetables that were Puritanically naked of any sort of fatty sauces, so I'm not sure what got into my mother. But no matter, we made the fatty, sodium-laden casserole and it was nummy. And sodium-licious.

This hasn't been a good year. I'm finding it harder and harder to foresee anything good coming to us. But I'm still grateful that my parents are still alive, and my father is still aware enough to take pleasure in our company even if he can't participate much in conversation. We have family that loves and supports us, and will prevent us from winding up destitute and on the streets. We have an adorable daughter who every day astounds us with her sweetness and intelligence. And the Philadelphia Public Library called out of the blue on Tuesday to say they wanted to interview [ profile] longstrider.

Philadelphia keeps surprising us. [ profile] longstrider interviewed with them at ALA National last June, in a weird sort of interview where they asked standardized questions and scored his answers. And after we had assumed nothing would come of it (and it was a "What the heck" interview anyway), he got a letter in September that he nearly didn't open because it looked just like every other "Thanks but no thanks" kiss-off letter he's gotten after every other interview so far. But instead, it said that he got a good score and is now officially in the system's candidate pool. And they would call for an interview when they had an opening, but like the Parousia, it was not for us to know the time. But apparently now is the time.

So we still have things to be thankful for. I hope all of you had an equally good holiday.


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