Nov. 27th, 2006


Nov. 27th, 2006 11:05 pm
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After not making bread for over a year, I have now made bread three times in the last two weeks. I'm loving the no-knead bread. It's so easy and forgiving compared to regular bread. As annoying as it is to have the wax paper I put on it during the rise period stick horribly and take a great swollop of dough with it when I lift it off, it ultimately doesn't matter. With normal bread, this is the point when everything would sadly slump down like a depressed souffle in an earthquake, but with this bread? It will rise up in the oven and be gorgeous anyway.

I'm continuing to try and refine my technique. I'm planning to pick up some parchment paper the next time I go to the store to see if it's less likely to stick. I doubled the recipes for two loaves tonight, tried adding some whole wheat flour, and put them cake pans to rise to try and ensure a better shape. I might try and pick some non-stick bread pans tonight to see if will make a loaf more suitable for sandwiches.

Autumn always brings out the domestic in me. I start making soups and planning craft projects. I have knitting books out from the library and am planning enough projects to keep me busy for the next decade. I've realized, for instance, that babies are small, and therefore when you knit things for them, you can finish them quickly. Like, in less than a year. So I'm planning some cute stuff for K. But since I can't give up my addiction to hopelessly large projects, I started a new afghan for my father over the weekend with the half-hearted idea of having it done by Christmas. I seriously doubt it's going to happen, but it should definitely be done by his birthday next August. Really, what I should be working on is the shawl I've been working on for my mother. It's very close to being done, and it needs to be done for Christmas. It's meant to be a replacement for her winter coat since it's really hard to get a coat on someone who's sitting down all of the time and has one arm that barely moves. A nice knitted shawl with a fleece lining will drape over her easily and be much better all around. And I'm about twenty rows away from being done, although admittedly this is the sort of shawl where you start out with very few stitches and increase stitches in every row so the shawl radiates out and the final rows are approximately as long as the western spiral arm of the galaxy, so twenty of these rows really are more like, oh, 50000 rows of a sane length. But even so, it won't take anything at all to finish. I just need to wrestle myself away from the bright shininess of the new project with its pretty yarn and get back to the drudgery of finishing the old one. But apparently I like living dangerously, and look forward to being up at 2am Christmas morning frantically knitting.

Edited to add Well, I've learned two things:

1. Our timer is broken
2. While this dough is flexible, it is, in fact, not magic dough that can withstand staying in a 450 degree oven 20 minutes longer than normal. One loaf should be eatable, but the other one was slightly smaller, and is both burned and welded to the pan. And the sad part? While I was trying to pull it out of the pan, the interior was still delicious and chewy. But most of it is going in the trash because it's going to take serious soaking to get it out of the pan. Such a waste.


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