Mar. 23rd, 2006


Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:08 pm
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[ profile] longstrider stayed home from work today with a sore throat. I have an oogy stomach - nothing dramatic, but enough to keep me eating bland foods so they won't haunt me if they come back up. K is flirting with diarrhea, having produced 7 noxious diapers since yesterday. Her stomach has been oogy as well, if her rejection of solid food is any sign (I'm not producing enough milk to feed her a mostly liquid diet any more, so I'm thanking my lucky stars I had the wit to freeze some milk before cutting back on my pumping schedule). We are a pathetic, weak, wheezing bunch, good for very little at the moment and prone to spontaneous moments of being rather disgusting.

Did I mention we're supposed to travel to Ohio tomorrow for a wedding this weekend?

We're still going as long as nobody is vomiting and she doesn't suddenly start producing copious watery diapers. K has been very cheerful despite the dodgy digestion, with the added bonus of sleeping a lot more than usual. My main worry is that her daycare provider had to call me yesterday to come pick up K early because she (the daycare provider) was throwing up. That doesn't bode well, although K has been showing signs of her current funk since Tuesday, so she probably didn't get it from daycare.

This weekend should be interesting. [ profile] longstrider's cousin getting married to a Muslim man, so the wedding is going to be a combination of Islam and Quaker. That's not actually as bad as it could be, since at least Quakers don't have a set liturgy that they have to use. If you want your ceremony to have Quaker elements, just pop a silence in the middle and voila, you're Quaker. It's what we did. I highly recommend it, giving your friends and family an opportunity to stand up and speak at your wedding. Because of it, I have a videotape of my grandfather only a year before he died, speaking loving words that made me cry then and now, [ profile] longstrider's grandfather who is dead now as well, other relatives speaking words of love and wisdom, and in the realm of the strange, my childhood dentist getting up to speak (his wife is actually a good friend of [ profile] longstrider's father, and it was on strength of that that they got invited. I quite liked him and he was a good dentist, but I'm not in the habit of inviting my medical care providers to these events).

Anyway, the wedding should be interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing [ profile] longstrider's extended family again. I just hope that I don't develop the lower digestive tract elements of K's illness while on the road. Or that any of us start vomiting. At any point.

I'm aware that K has been 9 months old for two whole days and I haven't posted an update. But I need to pack quite a lot tonight, not to mention finish off a pair of gloves, so I don't have time. I'll do it on Monday after her pediatrician appointment. But I will leave you with one tidbit as a teaser: she's learned how to wave. It looks quite a bit like the way the bunnies in Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit wave, with the whole arm. And it's just as cute, if not cuter. And here I thought she couldn't get any cuter, but there she is, pushing the envelope.


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