Oct. 5th, 2006

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Well, we got an offer on the house.

We've accepted, so we're tentatively moving by the end of the month. We're proceeding very cautiously on this, given how badly we were burned last time. But I'm feeling decently confident that this will go through. Last time, it was an older, well-off couple where the wife liked the house but the husband didn't, and they had enough money to be really picky. This couple is a young couple with a two-year-old buying their first house, who don't seem to have a lot of money (so our house is a good bargain for them) and apparently fell in love with the house. More importantly, they have both read the disclosures and signed them. They're also looked at some stuff that bothered other potential buyers and don't care about them. So the only things I can think of that will trip up this deal is if the inspection turns up something catastrophic or they don't get financing, and they're pre-approved, so we're not too worried about the latter.

I must say, even if this all goes pear-shaped again, it's nice that we've at least gotten an offer. I had begun to forget there was any purpose to showing the house except to periodically frantically rush around cleaning before heading out at some time that is invariably nap-time or bedtime for K, while complete strangers wander around our house as if it were a museum (the living history sort - early 21st century American Geek Lair), something to look at but not touch.

And of course, periodically have people try to enter the house while I'm taking a shower. I will miss that sort of experience so.

We're not sure where we're going next. [livejournal.com profile] longstrider has had a couple job interviews recently, so the outcomes of those will have a lot of bearing on our next home. I'm starting to think that it may be best to stay in Lafayette for the rest of the year, and then see what happens from there.


There have actually been a couple job listings recently for entry-level cataloging positions. One is probably not worth applying to since it's in Texas, but there's also a public library position in Pennsylvania that I think I'll go for. It's interesting - all through library school, I never thought I wanted to work anywhere other than academic libraries. But now that I've worked at a public library, I think I might actually find it more enjoyable. After all, you don't get the chance to catalog children's books at an academic library. And is there a cataloging challenge more sublime than attempting to find a subject heading for Maisy's Wrinkly Crinkly Fun Book?


In other news, I discovered tonight that I have very little sales resistance when it comes to dinosaur-themed clothes for K, particularly when they're on sale. But I would defy the most ironed-willed ascetic to resist jammies with cartoon dinosaurs and dinosaurs faces on the feet. It simply can't be done.


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